• Energy Assessment Recommendation Report

Energy Assessment / Recommendation Report

We deliver a comprehensive range of energy assessments for the commercial, residential, and public sectors. Irrespective of contract type or scale, our fully dedicated team of accredited energy assessors has the capacity to meet your energy performance needs nationwide.

An Energy Assessment entails the preparation and issuing of an energy performance certificate (EPC) and an accompanying Recommendation Report (RR), and the carrying out of any inspections undertaken for the purpose of issuing the EPC and RR.

The Recommendation Report (RR) contains suggestions for the improvement of the energy performance of the building and is issued by the energy assessor who issued the EPC.

The Recommendation Report (RR) tells potential buyers and tenants about the energy performance of a building so that they can consider energy efficiency as a part of their investment or business decision regarding whether to buy or occupy that building. It outlines the most cost effective improvements and provides the approved contractors and services to make these changes a reality.