• Property Survey

Property Survey

Property Surveys are the basis for property decisions and can be required for many purposes; for potential acquisition or disposal, bank lending or borrowing, company accounts (HGB or IAS / IFRS), freehold or leasehold valuation, for pension fund liquidity or probate.

Our services cover all types of commercial and residential buildings (single buildings, blocks of flats, offices, industrial units, factory units, hotels, warehouses, retail outlets, shops, distribution centres, manufacturing premises, community facilities etc.).

We are certified by DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024 – the highest standard in Germany.

As part of our range of reports we offer, for example, the following two standard types of report: “German Market Valuation” or “Commercial Building Survey / Building Survey".

We can also prepare a report tailored to your individual requirements.

German Market Valuation

The German Market Valuation is a detailed examination of a building. It is suitable for all types of commercial and residential properties and is used for legal purposes.

The Reports are prepared in accordance with German Government Regulations (§ 194 BauGB), on Determination of Value (ImmoWertV) and the German Valuation Guidelines (WertR, etc.).

We specialise in the provision of German Market Valuation for a variety of purposes including dispute resolution or as the basis for legal measures, taxation, acquisitions, negotiation advice, loan security, IAS / IFRS (Fair Value) or company accounts.

In most cases we are jointly appointed by individual assigning companies, trusts or solicitors, to provide an independent report for either accounting purposes or for the courts.

As an added benefit to our clients a written Summary Report in English is included.

Commercial Building Survey / Building Survey

A Commercial Building Survey (commercial properties) or Building Survey (residential properties), formerly a Structural Survey, is the most detailed property inspection available.

It is defined by the RICS as “the inspection of visible, exposed, and accessible parts of the fabric of a building under consideration”.

A Commercial Building Survey or Building Survey is a bespoke survey product designed around the client's particular needs and matched to the requirements of the subject building. It is suited to larger, more complex, older, perhaps listed buildings, or those in particular disrepair or having some peculiarity in their constructional type. The report is highly detailed and sets out all necessary repairs in order of priority. It discusses future maintenance requirements and risks, and forms a useful framework for the planning of the future maintenance or refurbishment of the subject property.

As part of our (Commercial) Building Survey we will include a Market Valuation.

All of our professional advice is given in accordance with guidance notes issued in the UK by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (“Red Book”: RICS Appraisal and Valuation Manual).